The Death of Jimmy

The Death of Jimmy


My name is Jimmy and I am going to die.



Dear Reader,
My name is Jimmy and I am going to die.
Not to worry, I haven’t given away anything important. I instead wanted to talk about, what you will soon see, is the inevitable.
In the following pages you will glimpse my many lives. Some were filled with adventure, some with love, and some danger.
You shouldn’t feel bad for me. I have loved living and more importantly, I know I am going to die.
So I invite you to take a journey into the many worlds I have had the opportunity to kick the bucket in. I have gotten quite good at it. Well, most of the time at least.
Perhaps we’ll meet on the other side.

Publisher’s Note: The story titled ‘Braid My Hair’ contains adult language.

Nine members of the Ink Slingers Guild writing group present 15 very short stories containing at least one Jimmy. Enjoy!


Anne Cargile
Dalia Lance
DJ Kemp
Erika Lance
JM Paquette
Lisa Barry
Laura Price
Nicole DragonBeck
Rhiannon Matlock

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