Stories My Friends Started (Vol 1)

Stories My Friends Started (Vol 1)


Short Stories by several talented authors!



What is a “Story My Friend Started?”

In 2014 an idea was born: If you give us the opening line (sentence), we will write a story for you.

Since then, many story starters have been spun into amazing tales that can be funny, romantic, adventure-filled, suspenseful, witty, and even sometimes terrifying.

In these pages, you will find stories from each writer, showing how they were inspired by the starter they were given.

Make sure to give us a story starter of your own by visiting!


Alanna J. Rubin
Anne Cargile
Dalia Lance
Désirée Matlock
Erika Lance
JM Paquette
Lisa Barry
Nicole DragonBeck
Rhiannon Matlock

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