Solyn’s Body (Klauden’s Ring Saga Book 2) by JM Paquette

Solyn’s Body (Klauden’s Ring Saga Book 2) by JM Paquette


A Body torn between two Souls…
the fight for Mind, Body, and Love



A new beginning
When her oldest companion placed her soul in a mortal body, Hannah Tallerin thought her problems were over. No longer a vampire, she was free to live her life with her beloved elf, free from the commitments of her old existence, free to build a new future with her husband in a small town at the edge of the world.

An unexpected arrival
Then the original owner of the body wakes up, so Hannah turns to her oldest friend for answers. As the voice in her head gets more insistent, her once-betrothed offers his help, though Hannah knows that any aid from him comes at a price.

A final battle
The battle for her soul has begun, but when the real enemies arrive, Hannah realizes she will have to fight for her body as well.

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