Just Another Chosen One by Brandon Scott

Just Another Chosen One by Brandon Scott


Someone is killing chosen ones…



Grinner, Cindy, and Jimmy “The Belly” are Chosen Ones, heroes of stories and pop culture, along with millions of others all over the globe. Magically hidden from normal people, those willing to fight demons, called “Exterminators,” get special weapons, badges, and a serviceable paycheck. It’s a decent existence, a decent job, with a somewhat higher mortality rate than other professions—but Grinner certainly enjoys it.

However, all is not well. When someone begins systemically wiping out Chosen Ones, Grinner and his friends come face to face with the harsh truths of what being a Chosen One really means, and what comes with the power fantasy culture always told kids they wanted.

Just Another Chosen One is a blisteringly paced, action-soaked debut from author Brandon Scott, sure to appeal to those who’ve gotten tired of reading the same old stories about the child of prophecy destined to save the world.

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