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“J.M. Paquette creates a cast of compelling characters whom you love from the first page, and then throws you right into the middle of an action-packed tale that draws you along the twists and turns of swords and spells, new friends and old enemies, like a vampire drawn to blood. Klauden’s Ring is a can’t-put-down fantasy epic that I wish hadn’t ended and can’t wait to read more of!” – Nicole DragonBeck, author of First Magyc


Klauden’s Ring

When Hannah van Kreeosk fled from her father’s castle and all of the expectations of being First Daughter, she thought that finding a willing meal would be the worst of her problems. A natural born vampire, she never expected an attack that would leave her wounded and in need of protection. Traveling with the handsome elven warrior Rory Tallerin proves a tempting way to spend her time.

Unfortunately, Hannah’s father isn’t quite done with her, and not everyone in Rory’s little band of survivors is what they appear to be. Between running from goblins and her father’s dedicated magician, the last thing Hannah needs is another knife in her back. The conflict in her heart, however, may prove to be the more troubling wound.

When forced to choose between the overwhelming demands of her body and the foolishly sentimental desire in her heart, Hannah must discover her true nature.


About the Author

JM Paquette hails from upstate New York, so she misses the snow, but not the shoveling, and now lives in Florida, where she hates the heat, but not the beach. She has an embarrassingly large comic book collection that is only shamed by her ever growing horde of cheesy romance novels, and she openly admits to being both a fantasy enthusiast and a roleplaying aficionado—both of which have earned her solid stamps on her Geek Card. She lives in Clearwater with her husband, her daughter, her big-boned dog, and a cat who occasionally appears at mealtimes.

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