Ink Slingers Guild


The collections of short stories by the Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) are based on a writing exercise done at every ISG meeting. The exercise must include the chosen words. The words that were chosen this year were: • Glisten • Titillating • Horizon

• Beware the family vacations that land in you a strange hotel with a hottie.

• A secret organization attempts to recruit young men and women to fight an ancient war. When Shan is contacted by agents from Unit X, she is drawn into a world of intrigue and magic. But the more Shan learns, the more she realizes that one person’s truth is someone else’s lie, and in Unit X, even the secrets have secrets.

• Rory’s concerns about his wife’s new human body prove warranted when she trips and falls off a mountainside. As Rory strives to save her, Hannah shows that it isn’t just the body that makes the woman. She has a very skills of her own, despite her human handicap.

• When you work in HR the worst part of your job are the people. When Sarah starts her day with the worst of employees, and then dumps coffee on her office crush, what could possibly happen?

• How far would you go for revenge if the police couldn’t help? Max might be ten years old, but he knows exactly what to do to help his sister, Pella. Just because she can’t remember what happened isn’t going to stop him from getting justice?

• A beautiful muse, a psychotic artist. How far will he go for perfection, and can she give it to him?

• A gentleman immersed in the past, locked in grief, is drawn back toward the present by the vibrant light of a special lady. In a time when manners and reserve were the order of the day, what strange force brings them together?

• Paul lost his wife Ivy. Grief stricken and unable to function, he finds a friend in Molly. Can she help him find closure, or will she spin him further into himself?

• Ghirn, sheriff of Ruby Dust on Mars, catches an outlaw, saves a couple of humans from cannibalistic Dearndins and calms the ladies of The Pink House. All in a day’s work.

• Bastian loves his twin sister. In order to save her, he sets course to the Last Land. His ship is old and pieces are falling off, but he can fly anything. Will he win the race, and earn enough on one last run to rescue her?

• First comes love, then comes marriage. Then comes life and questions, as one young couple risk unknown consequences in order to heat up the romance in their relationship.

Each story is an adventure, so sit back and enjoy as the Ink Slingers Guild brings you to their Bent Horizons.


The Ink Slingers Guild (ISG) is a by-invitation-only group of fiction writers. They give each other support, inspiration and the occasional kick in the arse. Both the Founder and Editor of Witching Hour Publishing are members as well as big supporters by editing and publishing the groups annual anthology (book of short stories) and whatever other fun projects the group creates.

Special Feature~  The Death of Jimmy

ISG had some fun with a book of super short stories called The Death of Jimmy:

Dear Reader,
My name is Jimmy and I am going to die.
Not to worry, I haven’t given away anything important. I instead wanted to talk about, what you will soon see, is the inevitable.
In the following pages you will glimpse my many lives. Some were filled with adventure, some with love, and some danger.
You shouldn’t feel bad for me. I have loved living and more importantly, I know I am going to die.
So I invite you to take a journey into the many worlds I have had the opportunity to kick the bucket in. I have gotten quite good at it. Well, most of the time at least.
Perhaps we’ll meet on the other side.


Each of their annual anthologies is based on one of the practice exercises done at every ISG meeting. The exercise is to have three members each pick one word. Those words are shared and a timer is set for five minutes. Laying pen to paper or tapping with fervor on their keyboards, each person writes as much as they can in that time, but it must include those three words. The best part is the sharing of these compositions, often hilarious and always inspiring! Enjoy!