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“Dalia Lance has written a funny, sexy romp of a book! My Home on Whore Island is a story of Randi, a confident woman who embraces her sexuality with gusto. Readers will love how Randi navigates the dating world and embraces her inner — and outer — bad girl. Whore tip: Read this Book!” — Tamara Lush, author of Hot Shade

“It will come as no surprise to anyone who follows Dalia Lance on social media that this story makes you cringe, laugh out loud, and get a little turned on — often all at the same time.” — Austin Scott Collins, author of the Victoria da Vinci novels

My Home on Whore Island

What happens when you stop looking for Mr. Right and start looking for Mr. Right Now?

A day comes in every girl’s life when she tosses a few condoms in her purse, throws caution to the wind, and says, “Let’s Do This!”

Well, maybe not every girl, but when Randi Michaels finds out her boyfriend has cheated on her, she decides to turn the tables and take control.

Giving each playmate a nickname as she goes, Randi tackles her Who To Have Sex With list. From a movie theater to a steamy shower, a night club to the front seat of car, some encounters are fun, some are funny, and some never should have happened.

Ignoring society’s double standard and going against the grain, Randi learns a few things about herself, what she wants, and how to get…Mr. Right Now.


About Dalia


So here is something about little ole me; I have had a very interesting upbringing starting with growing up in Hollywood, CA. Never shy, I learned that if you are not willing to try something new, you may let life simply pass you by. I love meeting people from all walks of life and these experiences inspire me on a daily basis. As a true friend once pointed out “You are never a complete waste, you can always be used as a bad example”. So what’s the worst that can happen?

** Feel free to contact the author too. She’s kind of a big deal and loves to hear from her fans.

Twitter: @DaliaLance
Tumblr: Whoretips

Coming in the Fall of 2016:

Slumming It On Slut Street
(Book 2 of the Randi Michaels Novels)

Visit Dalia’s website and follow her blog to make sure you never miss another Whore Tip!

More stories by Dalia:

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